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It’s Christmas Tree Season

Christmas TreesIt’s a special time in London right now as the Christmas lights are on and the shoppers are in town and decorated Christmas trees are popping up everywhere. Despite the economic doom and gloom from Europe, shoppers are not being deterred. Apparently children’s presents are the last thing that people cut back on in times of economic uncertainty. Christmas is the one time when people ignore the gloomy forecasts and throw themselves into the Christmas spirit. People are looking for bargains and are turning to the internet for Christmas shopping.

Chris Simpson of Kelkoo said: “The peak weeks of Christmas trading are critical for retailers, as many will earn up to 50% of their profits during this period.

“The outlook this Christmas shows some signs of promise for retailers despite the harsh economic climate. Online spending is showing no signs of abating, and is mounting a real challenge to the dominance of the high street which, for third year running, is expected to see a decline.

“Internet sales across the UK are set to be more important than ever, with consumers spending record amounts online, and online commerce acting as the primary driving force for overall retail growth during the festive season.”


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