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London Office Plants


The Garden Party Weekly Flower Service can design, supply and maintain your office plants.  Our London Office Plants service comes with a full watering and care service and our uniformed horticulturalists will ensure your plants always look healthy and at their best for your employees and clients.

Office Plants are an important part of the corporate environment. as they make an important statement to both your customers and employees. As well as the aesthetic importance of office plants, there are psychological and physiological benefits of having living plants around you. Studies have shown that office plants reduce employee stress and reduce emotional anxiety.

Although by international standards, London has relatively pollution free air, we are still surrounded by fumes and toxins. Some London Office Plants do clean the air and remove air pollutants created by chemicals from furniture, paint, carpets and the London traffic. Green living plants recycle the carbon dioxide that we exhale into oxygen, freshening the air and improving the immediate environment.

By creating the right arrangement of plants in open plan offices, plants give employees additional privacy, cut down on office noise and cut down on distractions.

If you would like to discuss getting some London Office Plants installed at your business, give us a call on 020 7498 8989, or email us here. We can arrange anything from a couple of reception plants, to plants for your whole organisation. Phone us today.